The Worcester Greenstar 24Ri boiler is suitable for a medium/large sized house with a traditional heating and hot water system. This is a regular boiler and it uses a hot water storage cylinder, the cylinder capacity determines how many bathrooms can be used.

  • It has compact dimensions and can fit within kitchen cupboard.
  • The boiler is environmentally friendly with low NOx and CO2 emissions.
Worcester Greenstar 24Ri Ratings
SEDBUK Rating % 90.2 5 stars
Built in Frost Stat Yes 5 stars
Height 600 mm
Width 390 mm
Depth 270 mm
CH Output (kW) 24.0 kwh 3 stars

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17 Responses to “Greenstar 24Ri”

  • ackford says:

    Can you help me to understand. Does this boiler fit with a hot water tank upstairs?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    This is a regular boiler type which means that it needs a header tank (in the loft) and a hot water cylinder to store the hot water generated for later use. This hot water cylinder will often be situated in an upstairs airing cupboard.

    If you already have one this will probably be ok for use with this boiler although you must ensure that it is properly insulated to reduce heat loss over the course of the day.

  • Alan Phillps says:

    How dose the 24Ri compare with the Gloworm 330 HE Condensing Boiler

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Worcester 24ri

    Maximum output – 24kw
    Height – 600mm,Width – 390mm, Depth – 270mm
    Sedbuk rating – A (also solar compatible)

    The Greenstar 24Ri is suitable for a medium/large sized house with a traditional heating and hot water system. As this boiler uses a hot water cylinder, the cylinder capacity determines how many bathrooms can be used.

    Glowworm 330 HE

    Maximum output – 30kw
    Height – 600mm, Width – 375mm, Depth – 334mm
    Sedbuk rated -A

    The 330 HE offers a superior level of high efficiency performance for open vented and sealed system applications.It provides excellent heating performance while protecting the environment and saving householders money. It has a stainless steel heat exchanger designed for easier servicing and dependability.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    120,000btu is equivalent to 35kwh output

  • Sue Milton says:

    can the Greenstar 24Ri be installed at ground level?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    As long as the flue outside meets with all the manufacturers clearances, then the Greenstar 24Ri can be installed at ground level.

  • Julian Jones says:

    Can the glow-worm 330HE be used with an unvented cylinder (say the megaflo HE systemfit cylinder) to deliver pressure hot water? Also I currently have an s-type system would I be better with a Megaflo CL210 instead of the systemfit?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The glow-worm 330 he can be fitted to an unvented hot water system but, as some companies do not install megaflo cylinders, we suggest you contact megaflo direct to see if the megaflo cl210 is more beneficial to your existing system.

    Baxi’s general enquiry line is 08706 060780 and the technical helpline is 08706 049049

  • BluePete says:

    Had 2 quotes for a replacement boiler.

    Glow Worm 24 HXi, fan assisted condensing boiler

    Potterton 80,0000 BTU

    How do I compare them, which should I go for?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The comparison needs to take into account the details established at the installation survey conducted by the heating advisor – we are assuming that you are referring to a quotation developed by a npower Home Energy Consultant following their free no obligation visit to your home.

    As we need more details than can be included within an email we suggest you telephone the consultant that visited and ask them to explain why they have recommended these three boilers and the relative merits of each in relation to your needs.

  • Graeme says:

    I have thirteen rads in my warehouse, adding them up comes to just under 30kw. I need a heating only boiler with a intergal pressure vassel. Also I have 800mm of external wall,this is the only place it can be fitted .So the boiler needs to be about 600mm in height. Any suggestions on what boiler i should use?.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    npower installed domestic boilers go up to 40 kw so its just the physical size that will determine your boiler selection. The Glow worm 30 hxi has a height of 600mm, depth 334mm and width 375mm. This is probably the most suitable for your needs.

  • iver says:

    Hi what is the difference between regular and system boiler and can the 24i be installed on a sealed system

  • Boiler Systems says:

    You posed your question on the Greenstar 24i on the information page for the Greenstar 24Ri so we will answer for both boilers.

    The 24Ri is a regular boiler capable of operating on both open vent and sealed systems.

    The 24i is a system boiler and supplied by the manufacturer with all the components to form a sealed primary system.

    The differences between all the boiler types are described in detail on this site.

    For system boilers please see

    For regular boilers read

    Also please note that we tried to email a response to you but the email address you supplied was invalid.

  • Mr J. G. Smith says:

    I have just had a quote from npower for a new Vaillant boiler. Why is their price so competitive?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    As you have not provided us with any further details it is impossible for us to fully respond to you although we can speak in general terms about ‘Internet Quotes’.

    Your npower quote is an accurate bespoke quote prepared following the Home Energy Consultant visit and their conducting a full home survey of your property. It is based on the correct boiler for your needs, supplied and fully installed by npower engineers, taking into account any specific installation requirements identified during the visit.

    The quotation also includes full care for the Boiler over the next 12 months and your guarantee is backed by npower.

    We are fully aware that it is very easy to go online and get an automated response from other boiler supply advising of a lower price. As we do not have any further information from you we are unable to review whether that quote was was based upon an accurate assessment of the real installation costs relating to your property. Not can we assess the value of any guarantee or promised installation standards. We also do not know the quality of the heating installers if installation was also included in your quote.

    Ultimately you have to take a view of the value for money offered in both quotes. If cheapest price is your overriding concern then you will probably select the lowest price you can find online. If the installation quality and subsequent support are important then we hope you will also evaluate the npower quote.

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