The Ideal Icos 24HE boiler is small and compact that it can fit in any standard kitchen cupboard.

The Icos 24HE is a high-efficiency regular boiler, which offers environmentally aware consumers the perfect solution to meet their central heating requirements whilst caring for the environment. With energy efficient boilers fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

The Ideal high efficiency boiler concept was launched fifteen years ago as a direct response to the anticipated environmental requirements of ensuing generations, and since then has been adapted and developed for today’s domestic market. The Icos models modulate their heat output to suit the demands of your heating load.

The Icos 24 HE boiler is, a regular boiler and hence, suitable for installation on a system that includes a hot water cylinder and loft water tank, a traditional heating and hot water system.

Ideal Icos 24HE Ratings
SEDBUK Rating % 90.2 5 stars
Built in Frost Stat Yes 5 stars
Height 582 mm
Width 390 mm
Depth 278 mm
CH Output (kW) 23.4 kwh 3 stars

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40 Responses to “Ideal Icos 24HE”

  • Elle R says:

    Do you know a contact number for Ideal?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Happy to help
    telephone 01482 492251
    fax 01482 448858

  • Alan F says:

    Hi. I’m thinking about replacing my 24kw IDEAL Classic boiler (FF280) with a high efficiency condensing boiler. I have a sealed heating system with hot water tank. You appear to have 2 suitable boilers, the Baxi Megaflow 24HE and the Ideal Icos 24HE. Could either of these replace my old boiler and if one is recommended over the other could you please explain why ?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Both boilers would easily match the output of your old boiler and are on the same levels as each other with reliability and efficiency. There may be other installation requirements or future heating / hot water needs of your family which would cause us to recommend one verses the other but this would require further investigation.

    npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to your home to review the installation options and help to confirm the right boiler for your home. This visit is free with no-obligations on your part and will also enable an accurate quotation to be developed for a new boiler installation.

  • Evi says:

    What is the difference between the 532 High Efficience Boiler and the
    41i junior Worcester Bosch wall hund combination boiler.both in performance, efficience and price

    Also the difference between the above 2 boilers and the Ideal Icos 24HE boiler?

    I appreciate your reply to my query.and hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you


  • Boiler Systems says:

    The BG 532 he central heating boiler is a 32kw combination boiler with a 14.5l/min flow rate. It is 90.1% efficient – A rated. The Worcester 41i junior does not exist as this model only goes up to a 28kw boiler but we suspect that you may mean a Greenstar 24i Junior. This is also a combi boiler with a 90.1% efficiency rating a smaller 9.9 litre / min hot water flow rate and a 24kw output.

    The Ideal Icos 24HE is a 24 kw regular boiler that heats the hot water and stores it in your hot water cylinder unlike the above two which are both combination boilers(mains fed, no hot water cylinder required). As a result there is no practical limitation on the hot water flow rate.

  • M. Baker says:

    Following A BG annual service, and saftey check, my boiler has just been declared “left at risk”, by the service engineer.
    I accept that I have to replace it, but can’t make up my mind what type to have. At present, I have a Potterton Neataheat, with the header tank (which has the ball valve gubbins in it) situated directly above the boiler.(ugly) Because of that, I fancy a system boiler, (because I can get rid of the header tank) but have heard that these boilers have more reliability issues (is this true)than other boilers.
    As it is only a one bedroom flat it would seem that a combi is the way to go, but if I do that, I lose my back-up system in the shape of the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder, (which of course would go) and of course if I stick with the conventional system boiler, say the WB 24ri, then I’m still stuck with the header tank, and would also have to have a “boiler interlock” wired in, as per latest building regs.
    I would appreciate your comments.
    M.A. Baker

  • Boiler Systems says:

    System boilers are of the same reliability as regular boilers and we are not aware of reliability issues.

    As you live in a one bedroom flat and we assume that you do not have a requirement for several hot water taps to be used simultaneously a combi would be best in this situation as it it helps you to gain more space in your property. With average flow rates of around 12 litres/minute they also give a very powerful shower.

  • M. Baker says:

    Further to my previous e mail, I have heard that “Thames Water” have been steadily decreasing the water pressure to, homes in their region, and this is beginnig to have an impact with regard to the fitting of combi boilers, which as I understand it, require a given amount of mains feed pressure to the boiler. Do you know what the required pressure is needed to run say, a WB 28i junior would be.
    Regards: M.A. Baker

  • Boiler Systems says:

    We don’t have this type of information for this specific boiler but Worcester Bosch do as it varies from boiler to boiler, there is no general rule. If you wish to contact Worcester Bosch their technical enquiries telephone number is 08705 266241.

  • jan percival says:

    I am thinking of changing my old coventional boiler for a condensing boiler. What type of boiler will allow me to use a power shower?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    A power shower can only be used on a system that has a hot water cylinder meaning that you will need a system boiler or a regular (conventional) boiler – they cannot be used on combi’s.

  • Mr R.D.Croy says:

    Do you have a boiler and system that can be used in conjunction with solar heating?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The Worcester Bosch range have boilers that are compatible with solar panels and we are hoping to extend this with other manufacturers in the near future.

  • Mr Ron Evans says:

    I am planning a two storey extension to my property linking the house to the existing garage, this will provide in total five bedrooms and there will be fifteen radiators. We wish to retain the hot water cylinder / airing cupboard, the proposal is to site the new boiler in the garage, do you see any problems with this and which boiler would you recommend.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    They cannot see this being a problem at all and would suggest a 30kw boiler would be more than adequate to heat the property but you should always have a heating advisor visit to work out the heat losses for your property correctly. This will ensure that the boiler matches the heating profile of your home (including the proposed extension) and operates at its designed efficiency.

  • stephen mccann says:

    Which system do you offer that would cater for 25 raditors, 5 bathrooms with shower and baths, would like to have power showers and good supply of hot water, currently have 2 combi boliers (1 for each seperate floor). not satisfied with current system.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Many installers do not supply and install one boiler large enough to cope with this sort of demand – the maximum installed is 42 kw. To meet your needs you could install 2 boilers again but ensure that the installation has them working in series together and have an unvented cylinder fitted. This configuration will supply water at mains pressure and can supply up to 6 hot water draw offs at any one time.

  • sakhamuru says:

    my existing boiler is ideal RS460 ,heat input 18.3min/23max kw.plese suggest nearest condensing boiler
    1 )combi boiler. 2)system boiler. 3)regular boiler.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    1) Worcester Bosch 24i junior – combi boiler
    2) Worcester Greenstar 24i system boiler
    3) Glowworm 24hxi – regular condensing boiler

  • nigel says:

    my current boiler is mounted on an internal wall with the flu going up through the house and a vent in the ridge tile
    do all new replacement boilers have to be mounted on a outside wall?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    They can be installed on an internal wall and be vented through the roof(vertical flue) but it cannot terminate at the ridge tile they do go up higher, possibly upto 3 feet above roof pitch level.

  • D.A.Hepworth says:

    I am thinking about replacing my 13 year old Ideal NF50 boiler. Which boiler would you advise to provide a similar function. Airing cupboard must remain.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    There are many factors to take into account when replacing a boiler. Whilst the previous boiler power rating and type are an important part of the analysis the selection criteria also take into account the heat loss calculation for your house and any future extension plans you have. Since your last purchase the composition of your household may also have changed presenting further options to you.

    To help establish all these facts npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to your home to review the installation options and help to select the right boiler for your home.

    This visit is free with no-obligations on your part and will also enable an accurate quotation to be developed for a new boiler.

  • les hargreaves says:

    Ihave space saver 75 capacity glow worm boiler in my garage and has worked perfectly for 34 years. under new safety guidelines the gas board have decided it needs replacing. Ihave a header tank in the loft and hot water cylinder in the back bedroom which provides constant hot water whether all the hot and cold water taps are on at the same time. Is it possible to exchange this boiler to one of similar output of constant hot water. please advise.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    You can replace it with a regular type, condensing boiler. This will still provide heating and hot water as it does now, just more efficiently.

  • Ray Robinson says:

    I am considering replacing my 15 year old Baxi Solo WM 50/4 (garage mounted) with a more efficient regular condensing boiler. The manufacturers specification states the max heat input is 19.10 KW. Can you suggest a suitable replacement from npower?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Any of the boilers in our range will go with this, ideally you will be looking at a 24ri, 24hxi or something of similar specification. As the choice is wide it it advisable that an expert review your requirements and help you select the most appropriate and cost efficient boiler.

    npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to your home to review the installation options and help to select the right boiler for your home. This visit is free with no-obligations on your part and will also enable an accurate quotation to be developed for a new boiler.

  • Barbara Richardson says:

    The house I have moved to has a Potterton Suprima 60 boiler, which I am going to replace as it doesnt seem to work too well. The radiators are very slow to heat from cold and it keeps cutting out so I have to reset it. Also my gas bill is very high compared to that at my old house.

    I have a bathroom and a shower room with power shower. There are 8 radiators in the house. The hot water tank is in the eaves cupboard and not used for airing. I am confused by all the different types of boiler. I like the sound of one that heats the water as you need it. I would like it to be energy efficient. Which would be the best options for us?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The answer depends upon how many other people there are in the house and what your demand for hot water will be. Combi boilers deliver the instantaneous hot water and do not require hot water cylinders but they are dependent upon your mains water pressure and will not serve several hot water taps simultaneously.

    npower recognise that the initial choice of boiler can be bewildering and this is before the decision is then made on the size of boiler. To help you npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to your home to review the installation options and help to select the right boiler for your home. This visit is completely free with no-obligation whatsoever on your part.

  • Gordon Thomas says:

    I have a Vokera 20/80 R.S. flowmatic and it has 28.6 kw output and 14yrs old.
    We bought the house 5yrs ago, since then we have been using the boiler and it has done everything we required very succesfully.

    The boiler is installed in our 1st floor bathroom airing cupboard, which boiler would you recommend to replace it please.

    Thank you, Gordon Thomas

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The Worcester Greenstar 28i junior would be ideal , it has a flow rate of 11.4l/min and an output of 28kw.Dimensions are 710mm height, 400mm width, 330mm depth.

  • sean keegan says:

    at the moment i have a 20 year old back boiler but am getting a loft conversion with a power shower /sink/toilet in.this will be a second bathroom.they are 4 people in my household,also the water pressure in my house is not very good can you advise what boiler what be ok to get.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    If you are having a power shower and there are 4 people in your home you should not get a combi boiler. A combi delivers hot water on demand and your household demand would be greater than the boilers ability to deliver. The low water pressure also mitigates against a combi.

    There are facts missing from your comment which are essential for the correct advice to be given. If you are having a loft conversion will you still retain a header tank in the loft? This will influence whether you have a system or a regular boiler type. The house size and a heat loss calculation will determine the boiler size.

    To establish these essential facts npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to your home to review the installation options and help to select the right boiler for your home. This visit is free with no-obligations on your part and will also enable an accurate quotation to be developed for a new boiler.

  • Mel Sloan says:

    I have a Baxi WM38/3 RS wall boiler which needs replacing. What is the most suitable replacement condensing boiler available.
    Its used in a 3 bed semi with 8 rads.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Any 24 kw regular condensing boiler will take over the role of this boiler easily.

  • G.B. SMEE says:

    I have a Potterton Prima B central heating boiler fitted approx. 15 years ago which needs changing.The heating circuits to the rads are pumped but the domestic water to the cylinder are gravity. The system is not fully pumped. Can the boiler be exchanged for a new one with gravity domestic hot water?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The boiler can not be exchanged for a new one with gravity domestic hot water, all new condensing boilers have to be on fully pumped systems.

  • T Ashton says:

    I have been advised that we live in a very hard water area, Gnosall, Stafford and therefore might experience more problems with a combi boiler.
    Would a combi boiler be suitable for 10 radiators as well as a power shower? What size boiler will I need?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    A combi boiler would be suitable for a system this size and deliver a shower at cold mains pressure. You should note that a power shower cannot be fitted to a combi boiler as the shower demand could exceed the boiler hot water production capability.

    The size of the boiler depends upon the heat loss for the property and hot water demand from your family. You would need a heat loss calculation to be performed to give an accurate answer.

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