The Ideal Icos 15HE is a high-efficiency boiler that has the twin benefits of respecting the environment with lower carbon dioxide gas production, through improved efficiency. A cost efficient gas boiler must be high on every homeowners list at the moment with the general and persistent increase in gas costs year after year. Lower carbon dioxide production comes from better use of the gas you have purchased and is a benefit to everyone.

The Icos 15HE boiler is small and compact that it can fit in any standard kitchen cupboard.

This Ideal high efficiency gas boiler as had the benefit of many revisions since its launch fifteen years ago. Foresight on behalf of the manufacturer means that this boiler maps directly onto the current environmental trends.

The Icos 15 HE regular boiler is suitable for replacement of an existing gas boiler, providing that the central heating system on which it is being installed incorporates an expansion tank in the attic and a hot water cylinder.

Ideal Icos 15HE Ratings
SEDBUK Rating % 90.4 5 stars
Built in Frost Stat Yes 5 stars
Height 582 mm
Width 390 mm
Depth 278 mm
CH Output (kW) 14.6 kwh 2 stars

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8 Responses to “Ideal Icos 15HE”

  • v wARD says:

    Please could you give prices for all boilers listed?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    npower offer a full boiler supply and installation service, they do not supply boilers to be installed by someone else and they do not quote a boiler price separately. They procure boilers direct from the major manufacturers and they also specify boiler designs for manufacture. All boilers are then installed by npower’s own trained installers.

    The price of a boiler is only part of the total cost of installing a boiler system. There are many challenges in an installation which can impact on the cost and this could cause a quick quotation or standard boiler price to be varied. For this reason npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to visit customers properties to complete an accurate survey before a firm quotation is issued.

    This visit is free and carries no obligation.

  • John Hadleigh says:

    I have a standard central heating system,and
    have plenty of room, 3 way motorised valve to pump,
    stat on hot water tank, timer controls, all contained
    in the airing cupboard, fused swithched double pole socket.

    I need a Regular boiler, with an output of 30 KWH
    The sales rep came round and suggested a system
    boiler, this will only add more parts to the boiler
    that can go wrong. example, will have a pump in the
    boiler,slower hot water rate, need manual top up.

    The only Boiler I have seen, is the Ideal Classic SE24P
    Can you tell me if you fit this Regular boiler.Or a newer
    model Regular Boiler, with 30 KWH output.

    We are on well water, and the hot water flow rate is already slow, with our Ideal WLX 60P boiler.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The manufacturers national installers tend to use are Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi , Glow worm and Caradon Ideal and they install all of their ranges going from 15kw up to 42kw.

    The only constraint on boiler fitting is that all boilers have to be condensing as per Part L of the building regulations which came into force in April 2005.

  • sandra says:

    we have a small 3 bd, 1 reception 2 storey flat with one bath and walk in shower.
    we need to get the cheapest boiler that would work efficiently in this set up. What would you advise?

    Addtitionaly I need to try and fit it in a wall unit which is 600mm x 715mm and around 290mm. Is this possible within reasonable price limits?

    Please advise on both.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The smallest boiler often installed is the Ideal Icos which is 582mm height, 397mm width and 278mm deep.

    We are unable to advise on the ‘cheapest boiler’ as the full costs of a new boiler are influenced by the installation costs. Each boiler has a different design and different installation requirements. The type of boiler – combi, regular or system also impacts the costs and the choice will depend on whether you already have a hot water cylinder and expansion tank fitted. To get a meaningful price you need a heating review completed.

  • Bert says:

    Can you give me he web site of Ideal boilers, like to learn more about the boilers

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The ideal boilers site is at

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