The following is the CORGI Membership Code of Conduct reproduced from the How can CORGI Help site

This Code represents the standards required by CORGI as a condition of membership. The code focuses on providing the consumer with both peace of mind and confidence in contracting a CORGI member to carry out work.

As a representative of CORGI the member will agree to the following:


•  Provision of a friendly, helpful and professional service to my customers at all times.
•  Be open and honest with customers and strive to meet the needs of customers with specific requirements.
•  Respond to customer enquiries when I say I will.
•  Explain my actions and decisions clearly to the customer.


•  Be accountable for my actions and take responsibility for what I and my business have committed to do.


•  Carry out consistently safe and competent work.
•  Always leave customers’ premises as I find them.
•  Provide fairly priced, written quotes, which are as transparent as possible, to the customer and ensure they fully understand the work involved.
•  Arrive at the times I have agreed with the customer or if I can’t, let them know within a reasonable time when I will be there.


•  Value and respect the diversity of my customers.


•  I understand I need to undergo continual professional development to ensure I can offer the most modern, most appropriate and cost effective solutions to my customers.

Customer Complaints:

•  Get things right first time. If I fail to do this I will put things right quickly and within a time frame agreed with the customer.

I hereby agree to comply with the standards set out above and have my work duly rated by customers as part of the CORGI rate an installer function.

As such you can have increased confidence when contracting a CORGI member.

The above information has now been superseded by the “gas safe” scheme. Essentially the safety requirements and knowledge prerequisites are very similar. We have mentioned this as in your online research you might come across the “gas safe” branding and wonder what that related to.

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2 Responses to “CORGI Membership Code of Conduct”

  • Eddie Robert says:

    Have this lot changed their name from CORGI now or have they been taken over?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The name has changed from CORGI to Gas Safe. The same high standards for gas boiler installation and central heating maintenance apply…. and they are independent and have not been ‘taken over’.

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