Are you looking for a condensing boiler review. The following is a review of how a condensing boiler works, it is not possible to review every condensing boiler that is offered in the marketplace. In fact this would be a silly thing to do, not everyone of these boilers will be suitable for your home and you will need expert advice in order to choose the right boiler to deliver excellent performance within your central heating system for the next 10 to 15 years.

A modern condensing gas boiler is actually a high efficiency boiler that crucially includes an additional heat exchanger in order that the red-hot waste gases transfer much of their heat to pre warm the water in the boiler system. When running at a good efficiency, the water steam produced in the gas combustion reverts back into water loosing heat to the heat exchanger.

A consequence is that this liquid, called condensate, most times acidic, needs to be allow to run to an outside drain or soak away. There is a small collection bottle within the condensing boiler but this has limited capacity and once full, if condensate is not going away, it will register a full within the boiler and it could stop operating in order to protect you. The boiler should be fitted against a solid wall and the output fumes will pass through the flue. Hot water is initially served by a small receptacle tank to enable convenient and rapid hot water availability.

Can you advise on the right boiler size?

It was a past practice to install outsize boilers. Whilst this ensured that there was no possibility of the boiler being underpowered and struggling to produce the required levels of hot water, even when experiencing severe winters, it also had the consequence that they were only employing a part of their heat generation capabilities, and so running in an ineffective mode. If you have improved the energy efficiency of your household since the last boiler was fitted, it could well be that you’re boiler installer could suggest the fitting of a smaller boiler than before.

We advocate looking for professional advice from a “gas safe” registered installer before selecting a suitable substitute boiler.

Do I need to set up outsize radiators with condensing boilers??

There is no secret as to why a condensing gas boiler has improved efficiency, the design comprises a bigger heat exchanger. Bigger radiators if fitted could result in a much cooler return water temperatures, and so result in even better energy performance, but the extra economies suffer from falling returns, as you should count the fact that the system is running at very low capacity for a long period of of the heating season. That most likely is still correct, though the reduced hot water and heating requirements experience with a property can apply that homeowners would now allow over-sized radiators more willingly.

The SEDBUK project looked at this, during which it was considered whether condensing boilers required to be treated differently from others. The result of elongated review is now known and there will not be any revisions meaning thatthe test results for all the boiler types share the same efficiency computation.

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