If you have been researching what types of boiler that are available to install within a new central heating system or to replace an existing boiler you will have come across condensing boilers. These are a new design of boiler which have gone through some teething problems in their evolution but are now accepted as the standard type of boiler which is set up and fitted in the nation’s homes. The main design consideration within these has been to eliminate wastage, delivering a very high efficiency heating boiler thereby helping to cut costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

A new and modern condensing boiler is a efficient advanced boiler that integrates an additional heat exchanger which then permits the very hot exhaust gases transfer most of their heat to pre warm the mains water to be heated. When working at maximum efficiency, the water steam developed in the combustion process turns revert back into liquid form relinquishing the heat held within the gas. Providing all is working efficiently the condensing boiler will always be trying to heat tepid water rather than trying to heat up cold water which has just arrived from the water mains.

A consequence is that this water, referred to as the condensate will need to run to a drain or soakaway outside your property. The boiler will have to be firmly fixed to a solid wall and the now cool exhaust fumes will rise through the flue. This flu must be positioned hiking of two not endanger people as they walk past and you also should ensure that the location of the flue ensures that the steam plume which it emits just not interfere with neighbouring properties.

Can you suggest on the right boiler size?

In the past boiler installers often 50 a higher power boiler than the property required. Whilst guaranteeing that the boiler was always able to meet the demand for heat, even in the coldest winters, it also resulted in house owners employing a fraction of their boilers capabilities, and so functioning below their maximum efficiency. If you have installed additional loft or cavity wall insulation since the last boiler was fitted, it could well be that you will need a lower power you need than you currently have.

Before you purchase a new boiler we advocate you get advice from a properly qualified registered boiler fitter. If they conduct a thorough heat loss assessment of your property they should be able to advise you of the right size of boiler that is required.

Should I install oversize radiators with a condensing boiler?

The launch heat exchanger means that the condensing boiler requires less gas to heat your home Larger radiators would result in cooler return water temperatures, and so result in even better energy performance, but the additional economies suffer from diminishing returns, as you should consider that the system is is only utilising a fraction of its overall capacity for the main heating months.

The SEDBUK initiative considered these subjects, and evaluated whether there required to be new considerations for condensing boilers. The conclusion was that they need not, and the final test results for both cases use the same SEDBUK computation.

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