British Gas recognise that home maintenance continues long after a new central heating system has been installed. One major bugbear for householders is the challenge of painting and cleaning behind a radiator, how do you get a brush into that tiny space.

To solve the problem you either have to take the radiator off the wall, risking a water leak, or struggle with a paintbrush and feather duster to try and get behind it. Recognising the needs of its customers British Gas have introduced an innovation to make this inconvenience a thing of the past.

To make life easier, British Gas has introduced a new tilting radiator that drops away from the wall and lets you decorate and clean behind it with no disruption to your central heating system. This simple innovation means that radiators need no longer be a decorating obstacle. Moving an old style radiator is not only time consuming but it also can introduce problems with leaking pipes as long standing fixtures are disturbed.

The new brackets are safe and easy to operate. A child proof bracket at the bottom of the radiator enables it to be pulled away from the wall at a 30° angle, giving you easy access to the wall behind. There is no need to disconnect anything or turn off the heating either. So however often you feel like re-decorating your home, you won’t have the chore of removing and re-fitting those radiators!

Another advantage is for the house proud or those that suffer from household asthma. The easy access to the reverse of the radiator means that the space can be frequently cleaned rather than harbouring all kinds of household dust.

The tilting radiator bracket is designed to fit all domestic seam-top radiators – so if you are thinking of updating your central heating system, the tilting radiator brackets will be included with all new standard radiators.

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