There are some 3 million British Gas Homecare agreements operational as this article is written.

When you search the web complaints abound but are they a large percentage or a small number?, you will need to form your own view.

Whilst you think of this I would also reflect on the real validity of the complaints. Many seem to be on sites which are competitors to British Gas – I wonder why? Also, whilst you can see that the person would be aggrieved, many complain that items are not covered when they clearly are excluded in the terms and conditions. Another source of complaint is the late arrival of the engineer, say next day, when the person has not paid, nor been guaranteed, a 1 hour response service ( the engineer would need to live in your garden shed to achieve this consistently!).

The tyres on your car are not guaranteed past the initial warranty period and would you complain if you had a puncture after your last car service?

having said the approval of there will be valid reasons for British gas home care complaints. Whilst British gas places great emphasis upon the training of its Homecare engineers there are in the region of 7000 of them visiting millions of customers homes each year. It would be a minor miracle if all of this was carried out without a single problem arising.

The most important element in any service organisation is how a complaint is handled. If you have a problem with British Gas Homecare you should raise the matter in writing with the company quickly and follow the complaints process, as advised in your Homecare booklet and on the British Gas website. Some people decide to put their energies into complaining to their friends and neighbours, this will not resolve anything and in the first place you should ensure that the company is advised of the problem and told what you expect to be carried out to resolve the issue.

There will be times when you’re British gas homecare agreement does not cover problems with your system. It is not a new for old insurance policy, British gas homecare is a maintenance and repair plan with certain limitations. If you have a very old boiler which is past its useful working life you will not get a new boiler from British Gas merely by taking out a homecare agreement, they will be happy to fit a new boiler in your home that is a separate boiler installation service which you will need to pay for.

If you have any reasonable complaint or issue with this gas homecare make sure you contact them today.

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