British Gas is the leading energy supplier and has considerable knowledge on how to save on your gas and electricity consumption.

The average household could save up to £200 a year by being more energy efficient and following the top 10 tips to save energy listed below:

1. Saving money by degrees – cut costs by checking the room temperature. Turning down your room thermostat just one degree centigrade could cut up to 10% off your typical heating bill.

2. Insulate your home against high bills – installing cavity wall or loft insulation can save a lot of money off each heating bill and repay your investment over just a few years. British Gas has an insulation scheme which offers reduced-price loft insulation material and discounts on cavity wall insulation.

3. Take the heat out of your energy bill – don’t waste money having central heating on when you don’t need it and when there is no one at home. Remember the 30 minute rule; set your central heating programmer to come on 30 minutes before you get up and to go off 30 minutes before you go to bed. Frost thermostats will ensure that the boiler doews not freeze if there is a sudden cold snap

4. Let your fingers do the saving – turn off lights and electrical appliances when you’re not in a room. Don’t leave your TV or video on standby as they will still continue to use energy.

5. Look for the light – replacing an ordinary 100W bulb with a low energy light bulb could save you up to £10 every year in electricity. Also these new bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs.

6. Get out of the hot water – cut costs by insulating your hot water tank to a minimum of 75mm. Check your hot water tank thermostat is set no higher than 60 degrees Celsius. Old insulation is often too thin and not performing effectively.

7. If your boiler is over 15 years old, it’s likely to be inefficient and costing you money. By replacing it with a modern a rated British Gas condensing boiler, you could cut your heating bills by up to 32% depending on the type of boiler being replaced.

8. If you don’t need it, don’t use it – cut the cost by not fully heating unused rooms and keep the door closed to these rooms.

9. Cooking recipes to save energy – put lids on saucepans and remember to turn down the heat as soon as they reach boiling point. Don’t over fill kettles, only fill them with the amount of water that you need. Avoid washing up under hot running water and watch out for dripping hot water taps as they are flushing your money down the drain.

10. Make it curtains to high fuel costs – cut costs by draught proofing external windows and doors. And don’t forget to draw your curtains as soon as it becomes dark; keep the heat in and the cold out.

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