British Gas is the UK’s largest domestic central heating and gas appliance installation and maintenance company. It has over 7,000 fully trained installation and service engineers.

British Gas has been providing warmth and hot water to millions of homes for more than 40 years. Purchasing central heating is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home gas boilerand you need to make the right decision. If customers are updating their current boiler, or investing in a new central heating system, British Gas has a range of energy efficient products that are both stylish and innovative.

British Gas boilers are energy efficient, helping the environment and potentially saving customers up to 40% off their fuel bills compared to conventional boilers.

Boiler Facts

  • British Gas recommend replacing your boiler if it is over 15 years old as it becomes less efficient costing you more to heat your home each year.
  • Building regulations now require all new boiler installations to be high efficiency condensing boilers to help the environment and save you money.
  • High efficiency condensing boilers convert more than 88% of their fuel into heat, compared to 78% for conventional types. Old boilers may only achieve 50% efficiency.
  • Using a high efficiency condensing boiler with heating controls could save you between £190 and £240 a year, and significantly cut your home’s CO2 emissions.

Reliable and Intelligent boilers

Rather than having the standard boiler on/off controls, the award winning Intelligent Range of boilers from British Gas have inbuilt controls that automatically change the start time of the heating so that your house reaches a specific temperature at a set time.

This innovative approach takes the guesswork out of setting start times as the heating will come on earlier if it is colder and later if it is warmer. The boilers also have an in-built fault diagnostic system and have a number of other benefits, including reduced energy bills, more even household temperature and simple and easy to use controls.