Boiler efficiency is rated as a percentage assessing how much of the fuel that they consume is converted to heat. This rating is called SEDBUK – Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK and represents the average annual efficiency achieved in typical domestic conditions.

SEDBUK was developed under the UK Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice Program with the involvement of boiler manufacturers, and provides a consistent basis for the comparison of the energy performance of different boilers.

To simplify the assessment SEDBUK ratings are from A to G, A-rated boilers being more than 90% efficient. Only A rated boilers – having efficiencies of over 90% carry the energy saving recommended logo. Make sure your new boilers has an A rating if you are planning a new boiler installation.

Boiler efficiency is important to you. Not only does an efficient boiler produce less CO2 it also consumes less fuel for the same heat output – this will reduce your gas heating costs.

Remember the purchase price is paid once only, the heating costs are paid every year and any saving is repeated year after year.

SEDBUK ratingWhen Traditional boilers burn gas to producing heat for heating your water and radiators they eject waste gases through the boiler flue. These waste gases can be 120-200ºC and hence the system is inefficient ejecting significant heat to the atmosphere. This is energy you have paid for.

Modern condensing boilers have large heat exchangers designed to extract the heat from these hot flue gases. Current heat exchangers can reduce the temperature of the ejected gases to below 100ºC and sometimes as low as 50ºC for the most efficient.

This extracted heat is used to heat your home and improves the SEDBUK measured efficiency of the boiler to over 90%, a SEDBUK A rating.

For this reason you should ensure that the new or replacement condensing boiler that you purchase is an ‘A’ rated boiler on the SEDBUK scale. In addition to saving money over the life of the boiler you will also be helping to reduce the impact of global warming on the environment.

Get a new Energy Efficient ‘A’ rated Boiler

An npower Home Energy Consultant can visit your home to assess which of their new SEDBUK ‘A’ rated Energy Efficient boilers is right for you and to provide you with a firm quotation for a new boiler in their sale.

The boiler efficiency database is maintained at the Sedbuk site and is available for public inspection.