Installation Survey

Why do I need an installation survey before buying a boiler?

A heating installation survey by an experienced installer is essential before you make the decision to buy your new / replacement system or boiler as: –

  • There are several different types of condensing boilers (regular, system and combi) and the choice of which type is right depends upon an analysis of the interior structure of your home
  • The power rating of the boiler must be matched to the size of your home and any future expansion plans you have. If the energy output is too low your home will be cold in the winter, if it is too large the boiler will be inefficient wasting energy and increase your annual heating bills
  • Each boiler installation is unique and has its own challenges, through compliance with the regulations and the physical layout of your property. You are interested in the full price of installing the boiler into your property not a typical supply price which may change after a survey is completed.

This will be one of the largest investments in your home and you want to get it right as you will have this boiler for up to 15 years. Getting a quick quote on-line is easy but will it be accurate and will the installation plan comply with the building regulations, a home survey is necessary to prepare an accurate quote you can trust.

A low quote online or over the telephone may seem like good new for a new combi boiler but it could lead to disappointment if the price increases as the installation challenges are established once the supplier is on site.

Does any supplier visit the home to prepare an accurate quote?

Some local boiler installers do, and some do not. You need to check out each individually and ensure that you are receiving an quotation that is meaningful. Check their references and ensure that there previous customers are satisfied that this part of the process worked well.

npower have trained Home Energy Consultants able to visit your home and provide an accurate no obligation quote. Fortunately a survey is a simple process and with npower there are just six easy steps to new central heating or a new boiler.

  1. You request an appointment for your free no-obligation quotation at a time that suits you booking the date and time slot online.
  2. When the Home Energy Consultant visits, they assess your family’s heating and hot water requirements, along with any plans you may have for the future – a new bathroom or perhaps a loft conversion.
  3. They will make a recommendation tailored to your needs and lifestyle.  This will ensure you get the right size boiler for your needs – too small and it will not deliver the heat you need, too large and it would be inefficient
  4. Before they leave, they will talk you through the recommendation in plain English and answer any questions you may have.
  5. npower installation Engineers will carry out the work at a convenient time, install your new boiler with the minimum fuss possible, and take care to clear up afterward.

Why not arrange a Heating Quotation to get the right boiler and an accurate quotation?