How Much Does a Boiler Cost

Are you wondering how much does a new boiler cost?

If you are looking to replace your existing boiler, or to install a new central heating system, one question that might be top of your mind is how much does a boiler cost?

The straightforward answer is £400 and rising however this is not the full picture and could be misleading. To answer the question “how much does a boiler cost” you need to understand all of the factors involved in installing a new boiler system.

Every home and every boiler installation is unique, and hence a straightforward price for a boiler cannot take into account any of the specific requirements of your home and your particular installation.

You will be looking forward to many years of trouble free home heating and low running costs from your new boiler. A new boiler installation which does not take into account the issues below could be a bad purchase and exposing you to costs in the future to address the issues that were overlooked.

The first issue to understand is that boiler installation is regulated by law. Whilst you may be thinking that you will merely replace your existing boiler you may find that the answer to how much does a boiler cost needs to take into account the latest regulations.

To begin with condensing boilers are now compulsory so if you have a standard, traditional boiler you may not be able to do a simple boiler replacement. Even if you are able to install a non-condensing boiler you need to consider the annual running costs. New condensing boilers are very efficient and will have much lower energy costs year on year which will compensate for the slightly higher cost of a new condensing boiler.

The energy efficiency regulations may also require the fitting of thermostatic radiator valves and heating controls to ensure that a new boiler installation in a new home meets the energy efficiency levels required.

Finally a new gas supply pipe may be required in a replacement boiler installation, there are new regulations concerning the pressure of gas delivered to the boiler and many older installations would not meet this required level.

Ignoring the regulations for one moment there are some practical considerations to take into account before we can answer the question “how much does a boiler cost”. The first consideration is what type of boiler you need.

Combi boilers are very popular, delivering instant hot water, but they are not suitable for every home. Having a limited throughput they are not able to deliver hot water to several hot water taps simultaneously and this can cause problems in larger homes with larger families. Once the type of boiler has been determined the next question is what should it power output be.

You do not want too small a boiler as you could be faced with early replacement of your purchase if you come to extend your property and install additional radiators.

Conversely, you do not want one with an overrated power capacity as you need the boiler to run at its optimum output levels in order to achieve the manufacturers efficiency levels. An inefficient boiler will cost you dearly over its lifetime when you consider how much energy costs are now and how fast they are rising.

There are also installation costs to take into account. Will your boiler be fitted easily into your kitchen or utility room without any changes to the pipework?

Will the new replacement boiler you are installing simply replace the previous boiler or will new pipework be required? Also new or replacement boilers all require electrical wiring, the requirements for your new boiler may be different from the existing electrical installation to your current boiler.

So we have established that there are a multitude of installation questions to be considered together with the type and size of boiler to be installed before you would know how much does a boiler cost.

The recommended approach to establishing the cost is to get several no obligation quotations so that you can compare prices and ensure that you are getting both good value and also a realistic quotation.

There are several very large, national boiler installation companies who will be able to send you a heating adviser to consider all these points and provide a written, no obligation quotation.

It is a good idea to get quotations from two of these and, once you understand the process they have followed, then also get one or two quotations from local, recommended tradesmen.

In this way you will have a good range of quotations all prepared on a similar basis and will be in a much better position to answer the tricky question “how much does a boiler cost?”