Gas Boiler Regulations

What are the Gas Boiler Regulations?

Why should I install a condensing boiler?

Perhaps by climate change fears and the need to be more energy efficient the latest gas boiler regulations state that gas-fired boilers installed after 1 April 2005, and any oil-fired boilers installed after 1 April 2007, must be condensing boilers. This applies whether they are replacements or new boiler installations.

Climate change has been caused by increasing amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. It is thought that around 16 per cent of the carbon dioxide that the UK produces comes from the gas and oil boilers that we use to heat our homes.

These changed gas boiler boiler regulations have been brought in as condensing boilers are more efficient than ordinary boilers as they:

  • produce less carbon dioxide while still meeting your homes heating needs
  • reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the flue, compared with ordinary boilers, reducing energy consumption
  • convert 86 per cent or more of the fuel they consume into useful heat. Older boilers may convert as little as 60 per cent of fuel to useful heat and other boiler designs are also lower than this figure.

The new regulations apply if you decide to change your existing central-heating boiler or if you decide to install a new central heating system, possibly changing to a gas boiler from another form of heating system.

Do I have to have a Condensing Boiler?

In certain circumstances the answer is no. The law recognises that non-condensing boilers are acceptable if it would be too difficult to install a condensing boiler in your home. Your installer will tell you whether your circumstances are too difficult otherwise you should have a condensing boiler fitted if it is reasonable to do so.

Arrange a survey and schedule your new boiler installation

Your next step in arranging a new or replacement boiler should be to arrange a heating survey of your home to establish what is required in the boiler installation and hence what the cost will be. If you have identified a local installer and know what boiler meets your family needs you should schedule a visit from them.

If you do not know which boiler is right for you or you have not identified a qualified reputable local installer an npower Home Energy Consultant can visit you assess which type of boiler is right for you and provide you with a no-obligation firm quotation for a new boiler in their sale.

A further summary of gas boiler regulations is maintained by the government within the DirectGov site.