Energy Efficiency

The rising cost of energy and the need to limit the impact of energy usage on the climate has raised the need for all of us to be efficient in our energy consumption. Another advantage of energy efficient appliances is that they cost less to run!

The sooner you buy a new boiler, the sooner you can start saving money on your heating bills.

If you have an older boiler, every time it starts up it is wasting you money. And that wasted energy also results in CO2 emissions, which are harmful to the environment. That’s why British Gas is committed to helping you install only the best ‘A ‘ rated condensing boilers, which convert more fuel into energy. This typically means a reduction of up to 40% on your heating bills and a reduction in emissions from your heating.

Get a new Energy Efficient Boiler

A British Gas Central Heating Advisor can visit your home to assess which of their new SEDBUK ‘A’ rated Energy Efficient boilers is right for you and to provide you with a firm quotation for a new boiler in their sale.

If your boiler is newer then it may well be in a higher energy efficiency band. Below are typical savings which can be achieved by replacing boilers with new A-rated condensing models and installing a full set of heating controls:

The energy saving trust advises that “If everyone in the UK with gas central heating installed a high efficiency boiler, we would save enough energy to heat 3.7 million homes for a year. ” this shows the immense amount of energy which is wasted each year and the potential cost savings.

Energy Efficiency Savings Chart

According to The Center for Alternative Energy installing a new or replacement high efficiency boiler typically has a greater environmental benefit than swapping a gas-guzzling 4×4 large family car for a modern Hybrid car or, to use another example, is equivalent to planting 120 trees in your garden. npower have helped to reduce the impact of gas boilers on the environment.

All the new heating systems they installed last year reduced the UK’s carbon footprint by the equivalent of over 14 million trees.