The Baxi Duo Tec 28HE boiler is suitable for a fully pumped sealed system. This combi boiler features an innovative filling loop which fits neatly within the boilers profile creating an elegant profile.

Baxi DuoTech 28HE Ratings
SEDBUK Rating % 90.1 5 stars
Built in Frost Stat Yes 5 stars
Height 780 mm
Width 450 mm
Depth 345 mm
CH Output (kW) 24.0 kwh 3 stars
Maximum Flow Rate 11.5 litre/min 3 stars

The Baxi Duo Tec 28HE boiler features a compact design suitable for confined spaces and offers the choice of optional integral central heating controls. Efficiency is assured with a SEDBUK band A rating which should mean lower heating bills year on year.

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10 Responses to “Baxi Duo Tec 28HE”

  • marie lloyd says:

    I am moving to a 1930’s 3 bedroom house with one bathroom with shower over bath. I will be sharing house with 3 grown up children who like showers. Currently house has very old boiler with hotwater tank in second bedroom which needs replacing. What would be the best replacement option?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    A combi boiler will only deliver to one hot water draw off at any time ( one tap ) whereas an unvented cylinder will give mains pressure to as many taps as needed.

    Accordingly, the best style of system for you would be a regular condensing boiler with an unvented hot water cylinder. Something like a megaflo cylinder will give you up to 40litres/min hot water delivery allowing you to run 3 or 4 hot water draw offs at any one time with mains pressure.This would be most beneficial to yourselves with so many adults in the house.

  • nick.grainge says:

    hi i have recently bought a 3 bed semi built in 1953,i am thinking of replacing old boiler with a condensing combi boiler and installing it in loft,there is 2 adults and 1 small child,maybe a second child soon, also we might add a forth bedroom with shower room on-suite in 2 years time. what boiler and size would you suggest? thankyou

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The boiler type and size cannot be finalised without conducting a heat loss calculation for your property and this requires a visit to your home.

    npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to review the installation options and help to select the right boiler for your home. This visit is free with no-obligation on your part and will also enable an accurate quotation to be developed for a new boiler.

  • ian bell says:

    what is the minimum water pressure required to supply a combi boiler ?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    It varies according to the design and the manufacturer: –

    – they all need a different minimum inlet pressure to operate
    – they all have a different recommended pressure for normal operation
    – they all have a different pressure requirement for maximum hot water flow rate
    – they all have a different maximum operating pressure

  • Ross Hoy says:


    I need to install a brand new central heating system in a 1930’s semi as it currently has the old mersion heating system (may have spelt it wrong). What I am looking for is a combi bolier that will last and will save energy etc. This bolier will serve 8 radiators, what would you reccommend. I have had advice on the following;



    24 HE


    VAILLANT 831

    Are any of the above good? I mean by good, do they have good reviews as I am a little worried as the above boilers do not come on your list of boilers you have for purchase. Can you PLEASE advise on the above and which one is reccommended from your professionals.

    I look forward to your reply via e-mail.

    Kind Regards.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The boilers displayed on the site represent only part of the range that national installers supply and install.

    The choice of a boiler depends upon several factors including your hot water demands and the heat loss calculations for your home. Accordingly we cannot give you a reliable recommendation on a boiler to meet your requirements as we are unaware of these facts. If you are not confident that the people who advised you of the boilers you mention took your full needs into account we recommend that you have a thorough heating survey completed before you spend a large sum of money on replacing a boiler.

    To help you with this and to answer any more detailed questions you may have npower are able to send a Home Energy Consultant to your home to review the installation options and help to select the right boiler for your home. This visit is free with no-obligations on your part and will also enable an accurate quotation to be developed for a new boiler.

  • frog says:

    Am going to be replacing a kitchen and bathroom in a flat. The boilder I think is a combi but a bit old. Want to put in a decent shower so water pressure is important. Also the smallest most discreet boiler would be best. What do you recommend?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The Worcester junior 28 I is the smallest combi boiler with the best flow rate on – 11.4l/minute. This will give a decent shower easily.

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