The Baxi Duo Tec 24HE boiler is part of the Duo Tec range of combi boilers from Baxi and suitable for a fully pumped sealed system.

Baxi pride themselves on developing boilers which offer easier installation, commissioning, servicing and daily operation.

Baxi DuoTech 24HE Ratings
SEDBUK Rating % 90.1 5 stars
Built in Frost Stat Yes 5 stars
Height 780 mm
Width 450 mm
Depth 345 mm
CH Output (kW) 24.0 kwh 3 stars
Maximum Flow Rate 9.8 litre/min 3 stars

The Baxi Duo Tec 24HE combi boiler features a compact design suitable for confined spaces and is SEDBUK A rated demonstrating its energy efficiency, protecting the environment and lowering your gas bills.

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10 Responses to “Baxi Duo Tec 24HE”

  • Mary Spencer says:

    Would this type of boiler (Baxi Duo Tech 24HE) be suitable in a house with a water softener?

  • Boiler Systems says:

    Unfortunately it would not be suitable in a house with a water softener.

    All manufacturers of condensing boilers recommend their boilers to be fitted on a fresh untreated water supply.

    Once installed the central heating system will be thoroughly flushed but the main header tank would need to have a fresh untreated/unsoftened cold water supply.

  • mrs diane schofield says:

    we are looking to install a shower and a radiator towel rail, at the moment we have a fortic cyilinder for our hot water, can u suggest what boiler we need to replace the old one with as it is over 20 years old.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The towel rail can be added to any style of system and boiler.

    If you are looking to install a power shower a combination boiler would be best suited to your needs. Having said this, the disadvantage of a combi boiler is that it cannot provide hot water to several taps simultaneously and hence the final decision depends upon your full heating and hot water needs.

    Once the type of boiler has been decided upon a heating installer needs to work out the heat losses for your property to correctly size the boiler you require.

  • John Fone says:

    would theree be major alterations/modifications to an existing potterton boiler system installed about 15 years ago. to change to a condesing boiler, there are no problems with the system at presnt

  • Boiler Systems says:

    The system will be fully pumped if it was only installed around 15 years ago so there should be no need for system alteration. You will need to have the gas supply upgraded to 22mm pipes as all condensing boilers have to have this and all the older regular boilers only had 15mm supplies.


    I currently have a Worcester Bosch 230 combination boiler. I wish to have this moved from our bedroom into the loft to create more space, is this allowed?, or do I have to have a different type of boiler i.e. a condensing boiler? If I can’t move the boiler into the loft is there another solution.

  • Boiler Systems says:

    There is nothing written down anywhere to state that the moving of your boiler to a different room is not allowed. You can put a combi in a loft space as long as it is boarded, adequately lit and has a permanent drop down ladder. You will also need to ensure that the flue is properly installed to develop the required ventilation.

  • sarah bennett says:

    i have a main combi 24 boiler. the power on light is flashing slowly. i have gas to the cooker but radiators and hot water are not working – could you let me know what the problem might be?


  • Boiler Systems says:

    It is very difficult to diagnose central heating systems remotely, particularly on the limited information available.

    If you have taken out a gas boiler service contract you should telephone the helpline number you have been provided with and an engineer will call to help remedy your problem. If you have not taken out any boiler service agreement npower have a heating repair service which could help. If you telephone them and explain your issue you will be provided with a no obligation fixed quote for fixing the problem.

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